The Gates of Xerpius

Epsiode 1: Ignorance is Bliss
Xerpius' opening act is killer.

We start with the Half-Orc, Avio-Gerun, whom awakens chained to the wall of a prison. He successfully breaks the rusty chain and falls to the ceiling. He jumps again and lands on the wall and walks up to the gate of his cage. As he does a fat, pudgy man walks up to his cage. He was wearing fine clothing, his figure was round, his legs flabby, and and arm protruding from the left side of his forehead.

Avio successfully pick the man’s pocket and retrieved a ring of keys and broke out the jail once the fat man left.

He searched the prison for other survivors, many he found were either dead, weak, or insane. Until he reached the torture room where he found a Kalashtar and Half-Elf locked to a torture device possibly about to be ripped apart and stuffed with cheese.

Gin and Novan are freed and joined Avio in his quest to escape whatever land this is.

Once our heroes left the chamber they are greeted with a large walking suit of armor. Avio leaped and attacked the entity which turned into dust on touch. It revealed underneath a shivering Dark Elf.
Ragnos, a Drow sorcerer appears before the party and agrees to help them escape for he was also trapped there as well.

As they exit they hear a large cackle echoing within the room. As they exit they see a surreal colorful world with large vegetation of various colors growing across the land. The sky is a beatiful red-violet with pillars of it flowing down to the land. The trees seem to be replaced with gigantic ferns and grass. and the grass was replaced with small tiny trees.

The party continued down the path, confused and frightened. They walked into a clearing at the end of a blue dirt path. and see what looks like a scarlet skinned man with four curved horns coming out of his head shaping his head like a jester’s hat. He was laughing like a mad man. The fat man from before was grating a large toe with a wooden sickle. Xerpius vaporized the man and offered the party a key to the Gates of Chaos allowing them to leave. But he states,

“You want it? Come get it.”

And starts laughing. He floats out of his seat and raises the ground around the party. They attempt to fight only to end up hurting each other and they were even into big chickens. Novan managed to negotiate with the mad god convincing him to walk off a ledge. The party thought they had won, but the mad god is unpredictable in every way. Novan was then given the key to the Gates of Chaos.

But then arose a monstrous beast towering the heroes, before they could act Xerpius knocked the party unconscious.

The four awoke in a tavern of a small town in Aquantas. The party hitch a ride on a carriage and made there way to the Capital City of the Kingdom of Seras in order to find out more about Xerpius.

Along the way to the kingdom the party’s carriage breaks down, as they awaited for the carriage to be repaired by the driver they come upon a deadly witch that resided beneath the lake. They slayed the witch that lived below the Sister Lakes which freed the kobolds that were under her control and in return the carriage driver promises them free rides for life.


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