Vhaeraun (Ragnos)

Dark Elf


Appearance: The Drow stands taller than most, a good five feet and ten inches at the least, that may still be a bit on the short side but it was considerably tall for a Drow. He seems sturdy and fit, bulging biceps and hardened abs, firm legs and chiseled features. Though some could call him ugly because he had many scars but really most didn’t mind, his face had a good few as well as the rest of his body. There was a scar running from the top of his left brow to his mid cheek, it looked deep enough to have gone through his eye but strangely his eye looked fine, the scar looked like a clean cut, no mistakes were made. He had a bright patch of skin, most likely an old burn, covering his right cheek, it looked at least a year old and must have been painful, assuming it could not be healed it must have been a spell of some kind. A new recent scar sliced horizontally across his whole throat, shining a bright red as if someone had taken a hot knife and sliced quickly from one side to the other, how the Drow lived through such an ordeal was a mystery though. If you were to ever see him with his shirt off you could see a new scar rolling down his left breast to just below the ribs, it was jagged though, more of a laceration, it looked as if some sort of beast had gotten him. There were other tiny scars on his chest and stomach but none too outlandish and noticeable. If you were to ever see his bare hip you could notice an oval shaped scar with many others spanning from that, maybe something rough pierced it, or maybe someone stuck a hot brand to it, other than that no ideas came to mind. His right arm had a couple of burn patches as well, though they weren’t too bad, and had healed nicely, they seemed to have been just a lighter purple than the rest of him. The Drow’s back though… it was much worse, thousands upon thousands of scars crisscrossed his back, bearing pairs of fang marks as well, those dreaded snake-headed whips scarred him forever, and no amount of healing, magical or otherwise, could ever take away those markings. His smile was a charming one that drew people in and his gray eyes were an oddity, only if you asked would you learn why they were gray. Other than the remarkable armor worn by the Drow at times, noting else really stood out; he seemed to be a battle-worn charming Drow. Though now most of the left side of his face is burned, scarred tissue of a lighter ebon-purple than the rest of his face. It looked horrid and rough, it is a mark that was left on him to show of how monstrous the Drow was, half beauty, and have beast.

Something to know: He was once a creature of many talents… Holding a type of magic that was like that of a druid however, rather than asking for the aid of the various elements, he asked for the aid of those fallen from the past. What this means…

Just like that of the druids, he doesn’t have absolute mastery over his magic instead asking the spirits of the dead for help, just like a druid might a different element; the biggest difference being that usually he needs something to act as a medium between the two worlds, that of the living and that of the dead. Typically, you will see him use something like a bone charm, which he happens to have numerous upon his person.

He had a strange way to cast his spells, for he normally would cast these spells through a form of ritual involving chanting words of the arcane, using the various charms and components, along with somehow forming the various sigils and symbols around him to activate the spell. If any of these three suffer, it usually means the spell will not work. (Though, it depends upon the spell, obviously not all will need all three.)

This is important because he served, in the Underdark as Vhaeraun, son of Loath who betrayed her and left the Underdark in search of a lot more.

Two things he use to carry with him:

Crafted from a glittering ruby, the insignia for House Stavret incarcerates the tortured essence of the former patron, Vorx. Carved into its surface is the symbol of House Stavret: two giant spiders circling a blind female drow. It heightens all Vhaeraun’s innate abilities: harmless faerie fire becomes a raging inferno; globes of darkness can blanket entire areas; levitation becomes violent instead of a graceful flight; and it allows Vhaeraunl clear communication with any who wear a House Stavret Insignia. The drow doesn’t use it often, though; foolish it is for any dark elf to betray the extent of their powers. – House Stavret Soulstone Insignia


A strange dark aura which surrounds Vhaeraun at all times, a nocturn beacon casting darkness outward, as a lantern casts light. This bizarre blear about his visage remains an ever-present sign of his now malevolent nature. – Shadow Dweomer.

As far as he is aware, when he broke through to the surface and made his way to the mountain, he left his belongings there, never to be touched again by his person. His former weapons and all were put into a chest, which was locked away in the deepest part of his home. He would find none worthy to stand before him with them at his side.

In this life, he would come to take the name of Ragnos.

Vhaeraun (Ragnos)

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