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The Goal

So what exactly are our adventurers searching for exactly? They are searching for an ancient relic known as the Orb of Xerpius a mysterious relic that resides only within Xerpius’ realm. The orb keeps Xerpius from entering the mortal plane and with it gone the gates of his realm is slowly opening and chaos will rain upon the world of men. The mission is simple, seek out the Orb and return it home but beware for many obstacles lie in the way of our adventurers.

The Lore

Information on the creation of the world, the founding of the Kingdom of Seras, and the many deities being worshiped by the people who live there.

The World

All the places you and your party has found so far will be recorded here.

The Gods

They give many men purpose, may it be to save the world or destroy it.

Main Page

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