The Gods

The many deities play an important role in keeping the balance of the world. The divine keep the world preserved, keeping the many cycles of life going and on the opposite end are the demon gods who’s ways are chaotic and destructive but they bring change to the world to counter the order of the divine allowing the world to progress forward.

The Divine

Creators of worlds, once close to the world of man they would speak and bring good tidings to their worshipers but now have refrained from communicating with anyone and instead reserved themselves to be mere observers. They only speak to one and that is the heir of the sacred bloodline, the one chosen to slay demons and keep balance to the world.


The King of Kings

God of leadership, it is said that it was he who appointed the first High King of Seras. He is the one kings pray to when they are in need to wisdom and knowledge. He eases the mind of the world leaders so they can make the hard and right choices.


The Leaf in the Wind

Goddess of Nature, she is said to have planted the first trees of the great forest. She is the one many farmers pray to for a good harvest. She keeps watch over all things that grow out of the ground, from every tall tree to every blade of grass.


The Law of the Land

God of Order, he who incorporates law along with the leaders Arcona appoints. His law is based around preserving the world that they created. He is worshiped by those who serve their kingdom and keep the land safe from those who wish to destroy it.


The Forgiving Mother

Goddess of Love, love comes in many forms whether it be a child’s love, a mother’s love, or a king’s love she keeps watch over all of them. Many young couples pray to preserve their love for each other and she keeps watch over them til’ marriage. Parents also pray to her to keep their children safe and to keep them close to their family.


The Bridge of Harmony

God of Peace, he keeps watch over the relationships of the people. Though Seras is separated into many regions they remain united under one kingdom and Oaca keeps the people together and though the people of Seras are of many different races and come from many different cultures they choose to live together peacefully.


The Warrior’s Will

God of Courage, though many knights and warriors are strong and mighty some still feel the need to keep close to a god. Beldin brings courage and willpower to the fighters of the land so that they may never fall into the darkness of fear.


The Hand of Healing

Goddess of Life, she gives as much as she can to the world to make sure there is always something that can be used to heal the many ailments the world bring to the people. Many clerics and healers pray to her to enhance their healing magic to heal things such as wounds and cuts to diseases and illnesses.

The Demons

Though ruthless and destructive, their power is not strong enough to breach the barrier that separates their realms from the world of man. There have been accounts of people contacting the Demon Gods and even bringing them out of their realm and many of those stories depict destruction and bloodshed like none have ever seen before. They normally remain dormant in their respected realms and only a person’s will for power and destruction is enough to contact them.


The Raging Bull

God of Power


The Helldrake

God of Beasts


The Red Jester

God of Chaos


The Spider Queen

God of Deception


The Alpha Wolf

God of War


The Night Dweller

God of Fear


The Watchful Raven

God of Pestilence

The Gods

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