The Lore

Long ago…

The world of men was created by eight gods of light. The world consists of three continents: Seras, Avaria, and Pentaria the divine then filled their land with many creatures, animals, and races to inhabit their land. Humans were considered the proudest of the divine’s creations for they were created with the purpose of protecting the land they created. The world of man worshiped the gods and swore to uphold their virtues til the end of days. They would build large monuments and temples dedicated to each of the eight gods and the gods themselves would interact with them and give them gifts from the heavens. The humans created a large tower in the center of their new found land, Seras, in order to communicate with the gods. Those who wished to recieve gifts from them would have to travel to the very top of the tower to speak to the divine themselves. One of the most famous gifts was the ability to use magic. The tower also acted as a throne for the world of men needed a ruler to enforce the laws of the divine, this tower later became part of a castle and the beginning of the Kingdom of Seras.

The Split

In time the world of man was bursting with life, new towns and villages were built everyday and the world of man thrived off of the land they were given. Later, in the land of Avaria a new group of people arrived from the land of the Fey, the Elves. How they got there, no one knew but in time they thrived in the land of Avaria and the gods were happy to except travelers from other planes as long as they don’t harm the world. However there was something to the elves that the humans didn’t have at the time. The god Zelkor knew what it was, it was free will. The humans lived a life dedicated to the gods while the elves lived a life dedicated to learning. Though the humans lived happily the gods wanted them to truly evolve and learn just like the elves. So Zelkor made an offer, in order to bring free will to the world of man they must bring another force to the world a force of darkness. Zelkor offered his life so that he may bring the power of darkness to the world of man. And so he did. When he sacrificed his essence he took on a new form, a demon who’s darkness challenges the light of the gods. He took on the name Xzoroca, the demon king and he created seven demon gods to bring darkness to the world of man.
Zelkor’s actions left a mark on the world, a large crater that relinquished dark energy far to the east of Seras past the desert. And the world of man changed that day, instead of uniting under one city they split into different regions, still under the same kingdom but they all choose to live in different ways. The world of man faces a new challenge the challenge of choice, some chose to go the way of corruption, killing, stealing, lying, and cheating. Yet, some chose to stay towards the way of the divine and soon the world of men grew much larger and though they now have the burden of darkness among them they are now free to choose their own paths.

The Demon War and The Bloodline

As time past the humanity grew and flourished as the realms of man spread across Seras. With new thoughts bring new ideals and culture among the people of Seras. In time they created their own way of life, government, laws, and in time a proper economy among the kingdom. At times some conflict occurs between the kingdom and neighboring cultures such as the elves and the dwarves and even some conflict within the kingdom itself but even through all the strife the world of man endured through many trials. However there were men who were not satisfied with the way of the kingdom, nor were they satisfied with the gifts the divine gave them. These men wanted power over there fellow men and wish to destroy the ways of the divine, in time they formed a cult dedicated to the destruction of the ways of old and the destruction of the kingdom. The clan of the Red Hand believed that they could control the power of the demon gods and as so they tried to plead and bargain with them in order to gain such power. In order to contact with them they made terrible sacrifices of many innocent souls, even shedding a bit of their own blood too. In time their offerings were answered by Xzoroca, the king of demons, and it promised them the power they wish for in turn they must open a way for Xzoroca to come into their world, and they did.

When the divine ones saw this plot taking form they responded by sending a bit of their own light down on to the world in the form of a man. A boy was born in a small village not far from the Capital City, the boy’s soul was filled with a powerful light that is strong enough to vanquish a demon and as the boy grew into man the divine made his path clear, he trained to become a Paladin and began his journey to become a demon slayer.

The Gods

The Lore

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