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The Kingdom of Seras

The Kingdom of Man lead by a long line of royalty with the current king being High King Arcadia VII. The Kingdom consists of five regions each region having their own rulers but the High King rules them all.


The larges of the regions named after one of the divine gods. The land consists mostly of large green plains and crystal blue lakes with many small villages and towns scattered across the land. However the main attraction of this region is the Capital City one of the largest cities in the world and acts as the home of the High King himself.

The Capital City

The largest city in all of Seras and home of the royal family. The tower in the center of the city is the oldest living piece of architecture in all of the land. It currently acts as home of the royal family some say the tower was used to speak to the gods long ago. The city is the economic center of Seras and is so large it is split into different layers. Three rings with the outermost ring being the the largest and most open ring and the very center consisting of royalty and is home of the castle and the tower. The second ring belongs to the wealthy and scholarly and holds all the larger homes, libraries, banks, and beautiful gardens and courtyards. The third ring is the largest and contains the marketplace, small homes, apartments, slums, taverns, pubs, and is usually the most crowded of places during the day.

The Knights Academy

A small island that lies within a lake north of the Capital City. Those who feel are worthy for the life of honor and valor of a knight come to the academy to be trained and though many students come to the academy to become knights very few could ever hold the title.


The region to the northwest, comprising mostly of large booming mountains with very little plant life. Home of the dwarves and is known for the rich minerals and bountiful materials found beneath the ground.


One of the many homes of the dwarves, built within the side of a large mountain. A city made of stone and metal. Some say the dwarves built the city long before the founding of Seras and the Capital City. The ceilings of the city hold large crystals that glow to give light to the city.


The region to the southwest of Arcona and is known for its large port city.


The region to the south of Arcona and holds the largest forest in all of Seras. The forest is said to be enchanted and only the woodelves who live there can navigate through the forest. However if you choose to go to Karus the main path through the forest is free of any of the enchantments and is safe to travel through. Karus holds home to many types of flora and fauna that the elves who live there protect and watch over.


Home of the woodelves, a town built high above the ground and connected by the large trees that grow there. The elves who live there are peaceful people and provide many things to the neighboring city of Grovendale such as medicine and food that can only be found deep within the forest.


The main city of Karus that resides deep within the forest. Its mossy cobblestone walls are as old as the Capital City, it is the second oldest city founded shortly after the construction of the Capital City.



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